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iCosmos cosmology calculator computes different cosmological quantities and additionally gives graphical representation of the quantities for your own choice of cosmological parameters.

At the moment we support computation of the following cosmological quantities:
Comoving Distance, Angular Diameter Distance, Luminosity Distance, Comoving Volume, Age of The Universe and Perturbation Growth Factor.

The calculator will give you precise answers for your choice of cosmological parameters and redshift; iCosmos will also generate the plots for the quantities up to redshift 20 so you can get insight into behavior of the quantities with redshift.


Furthermore to help you understand what is really going on, to see what has changed in the behavior with redshift, you can switch on Reference Plot option.
The Reference Plot option plots additional graph with initial cosmological parameters (ΩΛ=0.7, Ωm=0.3, w0=-1,wa=0, H0=70) on top of your own graph.

Awards: Oxford University's OxTALENT IT Innovation First Prize

iCosmos is actively used in teaching.
University of Heidelberg
INAF-IASF-Rome (pdf)
University of Arizona (Lecture Notes)
University of Brown (Thesis)
Universit├Ąt zu Berlin (Thesis)
UMBC: An Honors University in Maryland (Lecture 8)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) (Lecture 11)

Contact: Mihran Vardanyan (info@icosmos.co.uk)